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Automated Test System with Input Parameters Sweep-Function for Analog-to-Digital Converters Conference paper
Authors:  Qin, WeiWei;  Sin, Sai-Weng;  Seng-Pan, U.;  Martins, Rui Paulo;  Wang, ZH;  Xie, WH
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Analog to Digital Converter  Test System  Automated  Sweep Function  LabVIEW  
On conformance testing of non-deterministic systems Journal article
International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 2001,Volume: 77,Issue: 1,Page: 55-72
Authors:  Ye X.;  Zhou J.;  Song X.;  Liu Y.
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Conformance testing  Distinguishing sequence of a set  Labeled transition system  Non-determinacy  Observational equivalence  Test path selection  Test sequence tree