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Economic Transition and Growth Dynamics in Asia: Harmony or Discord? Journal article
Comparative Economic Studies, 2018,Volume: 60,Issue: 3,Page: 361-387
作者:  Tam,Pui Sun
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Asia  Convergence  Growth  Regional Integration  Transition  
Global trade flows and economic policy uncertainty Journal article
Applied Economics, 2018,Volume: 50,Issue: 34-35,Page: 3718-3734
作者:  Tam,Pui Sun
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Economic Policy Uncertainty  Global Vector Autoregression  Trade  Value-added  
Global trade flows and economic policy uncertainty Conference paper
作者:  Tam, Pui Sun
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Economic policy uncertainty  global vector autoregression  trade  value-added  
The Economics of Taxation in Casino Tourism with Cross-border Market Power Journal article
Review of Development Economics, 2016,Volume: 20,Issue: 1,Page: 113-125
作者:  Gu,Xinhua;  Tam,Pui Sun;  Lei,Chun Kwok;  Chang,Xiao
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Casino Taxation in Macao: An Economic Perspective Journal article
JOURNAL OF GAMBLING STUDIES, 2011,Volume: 27,Issue: 4,Page: 587-605
作者:  Gu, Xinhua;  Tam, Pui Sun
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Casino Taxation  Economic Efficiency  Industrial Diversification  
Economic growth and development in Macau (1999–2016): The role of the booming gaming industry Book chapter
出自: The Rapid Growth of Casino Industry and Its Impacts to the Macao Economy and Society:Union of Macao Scholars, 2008, 页码: 132-156
作者:  Choy Weng Tong;  Tam Pui Sun
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