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Building Blocks of Psychology: on Remaking the Unkept Promises of Early Schools Journal article
Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science, 2018,Volume: 52,Issue: 1,Page: 1-24
Authors:  Gozli,Davood G.;  Deng,Wei (Sophia)
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Behaviorism  Complexity  Consciousness  Elementism  History Of Psychology  Ontology  Schools Of Psychology  Theoretical Psychology  Titchener  
What's scene in development? Rapid attention allocation to objects and scenes in children Conference paper
Society for Research in Child Development 2017 Biennial Meeting, Austin, Texas, USA, 2017-4-5
Authors:  Kevin Darby;  Wei (Sophia) Deng;  Vladimir Sloutsky;  Dirk Bernhardt-Walther
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Selective attention, diffused attention, and the development of categorization Journal article
Cognitive Psychology, 2016,Volume: 91,Page: 24-62
Authors:  Deng,Wei (Sophia);  Sloutsky,Vladimir M.
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Attention  Categorization  Cognitive Development  Learning  
Plasticity of categorization: Developmental differences in category learning and transfer between children and adults Conference paper
Proceedings Of The 38th Annual Conference Of The Cognitive Science Society, Philadelphia, PA, 2016-8-10
Authors:  Deng, Sophia;  Vladimir Sloutsky
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Conceptual influences on induction: A case for a late onset Journal article
COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, 2015,Volume: 82,Page: 1-31
Authors:  Sloutsky, Vladimir M.;  Deng, Wei (Sophia);  Fisher, Anna V.;  Kloos, Heidi
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Induction  Categorization  Similarity  Learning  Cognitive Development  
The development of categorization: Effects of classification and inference training on category representation Journal article
Developmental Psychology, 2015,Volume: 51,Issue: 3,Page: 392-405
Authors:  Deng,Wei Sophia;  Sloutsky,Vladimir M.
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Attention  Categorization  Cognitive Development  Learning  
Linguistic labels, dynamic visual features, and attention in infant category learning Journal article
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 2015,Volume: 134,Page: 62-77
Authors:  Wei (Sophia)Deng;  Vladimir M. Sloutsky
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Infancy  Category Learning  Attention  Cognitive Development  Eye-tracking  Labeling  Dynamic Visual Cues  
Flexibility of categorization: Developmental differences between adults and children Conference paper
Ninth Biennial Meeting of the Cognitive Development Society, Columbus, Ohio, 2015-10-10
Authors:  Wei (Sophia)Deng;  Vladimir Sloutsky
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Conceptual information does not induce category-based induction in children Conference paper
Society for Research in Child Development, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 2015-3-19
Authors:  Vladimir Sloutsky;  Wei (Sophia) Deng;  Heidi Kloos;  Anna V Fisher
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The development of categorization: Attention, decision, and representation Conference paper
the 56th Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, HILTON CHICAGO · CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 2015-11-19
Authors:  Vladimir Sloutsky;  Wei (Sophia)Deng
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