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TrkA receptor "hot spots" for binding of NT-3 as a heterologous ligand Journal article
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2007,Volume: 282,Issue: 23,Page: 16754-16763
Authors:  Ivanisevic L.;  Zheng W.;  Woo S.B.;  Neet K.E.;  Saragovi H.U.
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DiSSiMil: Diverse Small Size Mini-Libraries applied to simple and rapid epitope mapping of a monoclonal antibody Journal article
Journal of Peptide Research, 2001,Volume: 57,Issue: 1,Page: 68-76
Authors:  Burgess K.;  Han I.;  Zhang A.;  Zheng W.-H.;  Saragovi H.U.;  Shanmugam K.;  Featherstone M.S.
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Binding  Drug discovery  Epitope mapping  Peptide library  
A TrkA-selective, fast internalizing nerve growth factor-antibody complex induces trophic but not neuritogenic signals Journal article
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1998,Volume: 273,Issue: 52,Page: 34933-34940
Authors:  Saragovi H.U.;  Zheng W.;  Maliartchouk S.;  DiGugliemo G.M.;  Mawal Y.R.;  Kamen A.;  Woo S.B.;  Cuello A.C.;  Debeir T.;  Neet K.E.
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