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Therapeutic cell delivery and fate control in hydrogels and hydrogel hybrids Journal article
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 2010,Volume: 62,Issue: 7-8,Page: 699-710
作者:  Chunming Wang;  Rohan R. Varshney;  Dong-An Wang
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Hydrogels  Cell Delivery  In Situ Therapy  Tissue Engineering  Regenerative Medicine  Anti-cancer  
Antisense Makes Sense in Engineered Regenerative Medicine Journal article
Pharmaceutical Research, 2009,Volume: 26,Issue: 2,Page: 263-275
作者:  Yongchang Yao;  Chunming Wang;  Rohan R. Varshney;  Dong-An Wang
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Antisense  Oligodeoxynucleotides  Regenerative Medicine  Ribozyme  Rna Interference (Rnai)