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Optimized and frequent subgraphs: How are they related? Journal article
IEEE Access, 2018,Volume: 6,Page: 37237-37249
Authors:  Rehman S.U.;  Asghar S.;  Fong S.J.
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Data mining  frequent subgraph patterns  graph pattern mining  optimized graph patterns  social network analysis  
An efficient ranking scheme for frequent subgraph patterns Conference paper
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series
Authors:  Rehman S.U.;  Asghar S.;  Fong S.
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Apriori-based FSM  Frequent subgraphs  Graph mining  Pattern-growth based FSM  
A comprehensive study of finding copy-and-paste clones from program source codes Conference paper
Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence
Authors:  Khan K.;  Bhutto S.Z.A.;  Rehman S.U.;  Aziz K.;  Fong S.
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A model for implementing security at application level in service oriented architecture Conference paper
Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence
Authors:  Nabi S.;  Rehman S.U.;  Fong S.;  Aziz K.
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Application Level Security in SOA  Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)  Service Oriented Computing (SOC)  Service Oriented Software (SOS)  SOA security policy  Web Services Architecture (WSA)