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Price Fairness in the Era of the Sharing Economy Journal article
Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 2019,Volume: 60,Issue: 3,Page: 200-211
Authors:  Chark,Robin
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Behavioral Pricing  Price Fairness  Relationship Norms  Sharing Economy  
Problem Gambling of Chinese College Students: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior Journal article
Journal of Gambling Studies, 2019,Volume: 28,Issue: 2,Page: 315-324
Authors:  Wu,Anise M.S.;  Tang,Catherine So kum
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Attitudes  Chinese  College Students  Intention  Norms  Perceived Control  Problem Gambling  Theory Of Planned Behavior  
Computational substrates of social norm enforcement by unaffected third parties Journal article
NeuroImage, 2016,Volume: 129,Page: 95-104
Authors:  Zhong,Songfa;  Chark,Robin;  Hsu,Ming;  Chew,Soo Hong
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Altruistic Punishment  Fmri  Social Norms  Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex  
Describing the values of Filipino adolescents: a comparison with pan-cultural norms Journal article
Journal of Tropical Psychology, 2014,Volume: 4,Issue: e2,Page: 1-8
Authors:  Allan B. I. Bernardo;  Jose Antonio R. Clemente;  Gregory Arief D. Liem
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Values  Portrait Values Questionnaire  Philippines  Etic-vs.- Emic Approaches  Adolescents  Pan-cultural Norms  
Explaining the intention to use technology among university students: A structural equation modeling approach Journal article
Journal of Computing in Higher Education, 2014,Volume: 26,Issue: 2,Page: 124-142
Authors:  Timothy Teo;  Mingming Zhou
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Computer Self-efficacy  Facilitating Conditions  Structural Equation Modeling  Subjective Norms  Technology Acceptance Model (Tam)  University Students  
Compensation disparity between locals and expatriates in China: A multilevel analysis of the influence of norms Journal article
MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL REVIEW, 2014,Volume: 54,Issue: 1,Page: 107-128
Authors:  Kwok Leung;  Xiaowan Lin;  Lin Lu
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Compensation Disparity  Distributive Justice  Locals  Expatriates  China  Norms  
Categories, norms and inferences: Generating entertainment in a daytime talk show Journal article
Discourse, Context and Media, 2012,Volume: 1,Issue: 4,Page: 151-159
Authors:  Fitzgerald,Richard
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Categorial Inferencing  Membership Categorisation Analysis  Norms In Action  Talk Shows  
Problem Gambling of Chinese College Students: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior Journal article
Journal of Gambling Studies, 2012,Volume: 28,Issue: 2,Page: 315
Authors:  Wu A.M.S.;  Tang C.S.
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Attitudes  Chinese  College students  Intention  Norms  Perceived control  Problem gambling  Theory of planned behavior  
Mobility norms, risk aversion, and career satisfaction of Chinese employees Journal article
Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2010,Volume: 27,Issue: 2,Page: 237-255
Authors:  Raymond Loi;  Hang-Yue Ngo
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Career Satisfaction  China  Mobility Norms  Perceived Organizational Support  Procedural Justice  Risk Aversion  
The Perils of Consensus: How ASEAN's Meta-Regime Undermines Economic and Environmental Cooperation Journal article
Review of International Political Econ, 2010,Volume: 17,Issue: 2,Page: 262-290
Authors:  Vinod K. Aggarwal;  Jonathan T. Chow
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Haze  Bilateral Trade  Asean Economic Community  Norms  Non-interference  Forest Fires  Regionalism  Afta  'noodle Bowl Regionalism'