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Transcriptional regulation of BRCA1 expression by a metabolic switch Journal article
Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 2010,Volume: 17,Issue: 12,Page: 1406-1413
Authors:  Di L.-J.;  Fernandez A.G.;  De Siervi A.;  Longo D.L.;  Gardner K.
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Transcriptional autoregulation by BRCA1 Journal article
Cancer Research, 2010,Volume: 70,Issue: 2,Page: 532-542
Authors:  De Siervi A.;  De Luca P.;  Byun J.S.;  Di L.J.;  Fufa T.;  Haggerty C.M.;  Vazquez E.;  Moiola C.;  Longo D.L.;  Gardner K.
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