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A Dynamic Approach to Fairness: Effects of Temporal Changes of Fairness Perceptions on Job Attitudes Journal article
Journal of Business and Psychology, 2015,Volume: 30,Issue: 1,Page: 163-175
Authors:  Kim,Tae Yeol;  Lin,Xiao Wan;  Leung,Kwok
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Affective Organizational Commitment  Changes In Fairness Perceptions  Job Satisfaction  Organizational Justice  
What does procedural justice climate convey? The role of social identification and job security Conference paper
Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, Boston, America, 2012, August
Authors:  Lin, Xiaowan;  Leung, Kwok
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2012aom Boston 2012  Aom Annual Meeting Proceedings  Justice Climate  
Differing effects of coping strategies on mental health during prolonged unemployment: A longitudinal analysis. Journal article
HUMAN RELATIONS, 2010,Volume: 63,Issue: 5,Page: 637-665
Authors:  Lin, Xiaowan;  Leung, Kwok
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Coping  Distancing From Unemployment  Job Search  Mental Health  Prolonged Unemployment  
The role of leader morality in the interaction effect of procedural justice and outcome favorability Journal article
Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 2009,Volume: 39,Issue: 7,Page: 1536-1561
Authors:  Lin,Xiao Wan;  Che,Hong Sheng;  Leung,Kwok
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Relevance of openness as a personality dimension in Chinese culture: Aspects of its cultural relevance Journal article
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 2008,Volume: 39,Issue: 1,Page: 81-108
Authors:  Cheung,Fanny M.;  Cheung,Shu Fai;  Zhang,Jianxin;  Leung,Kwok;  Leong,Frederick;  Yeh,Kuang Hui
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Chinese Personality  Cpai-2  Openness  
Effects of interactional justice on egocentric bias in resource allocation decisions Journal article
Journal of Applied Psychology, 2004,Volume: 89,Issue: 3,Page: 405-415
Authors:  Leung,Kwok;  Tong,Kwok Kit;  Ho,Salina Siu Ying
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