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End-of-life decision-making for newborns: A 12-year experience in Hong Kong Journal article
Archives of Disease in Childhood: Fetal and Neonatal Edition, 2016,Volume: 101,Issue: 1,Page: F37-F42
Authors:  Chan L.C.N.;  Cheung H.M.;  Poon T.C.W.;  Ma T.P.Y.;  Lam H.S.;  Ng P.C.
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A double-blind randomised controlled trial of fish oil-based versus soy-based lipid preparations in the treatment of infants with parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis Journal article
Neonatology, 2014,Volume: 105,Issue: 4,Page: 290-296
Authors:  Lam H.S.;  Tam Y.H.;  Poon T.C.W.;  Cheung H.M.;  Yu X.;  Chan B.P.L.;  Lee K.H.;  Lee B.S.C.;  Ng P.C.
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Fish oil-based lipid preparation  Newborn infants  Parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis  Randomised controlled trial  
Neutrophil CD64 for daily surveillance of systemic infection and necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infants Journal article
Clinical Chemistry, 2013,Volume: 59,Issue: 12,Page: 1753-1760
Authors:  Lam H.S.;  Cheung H.M.;  Poon T.C.W.;  Wong R.P.O.;  Leung K.T.;  Li K.;  Ng P.C.
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Gut-associated biomarkers L-FABP, I-FABP, and TFF3 and LIT score for diagnosis of surgical necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infants Journal article
Annals of Surgery, 2013,Volume: 258,Issue: 6,Page: 1111-1118
Authors:  Ng E.W.Y.;  Poon T.C.W.;  Lam H.S.;  Cheung H.M.;  Ma T.P.Y.;  Chan K.Y.Y.;  Wong R.P.O.;  Leung K.T.;  Lam M.M.T.;  Li K.;  Ng P.C.
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Biomarkers  Nec  Preterm Infants  Score  Surgery  
Quantification of citrulline by parallel fragmentation monitoring - A novel method using graphitized carbon nanoparticles and MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry Journal article
Clinica Chimica Acta, 2013,Volume: 420,Page: 121-127
Authors:  Ng E.W.Y.;  Lam H.S.;  Ng P.C.;  Poon T.C.W.
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Citrulline  Graphitized carbon nanoparticles  Parallel fragmentation monitoring  Quantification  
Clinical outcomes of congenital diaphragmatic hernia without extracorporeal membrane oxygenation Journal article
Early Human Development, 2012,Volume: 88,Issue: 9,Page: 739-741
Authors:  Tam Y.S.;  Cheung H.M.;  Tam Y.H.;  Lee K.H.;  Lam H.S.;  Poon T.C.W.;  Ng P.C.
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Congenital diaphragmatic hernia  Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation  Survival  
Immunoregulatory protein profiles of necrotizing enterocolitis versus spontaneous intestinal perforation in preterm infants Journal article
PLoS ONE, 2012,Volume: 7,Issue: 5
Authors:  Chan K.Y.Y.;  Leung F.W.L.;  Lam H.S.;  Tam Y.H.;  To K.F.;  Cheung H.M.;  Leung K.T.;  Poon T.C.W.;  Lee K.H.;  Li K.;  Fok T.F.;  Ng P.C.
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Host-response biomarkers for diagnosis of late-onset septicemia and necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infants Journal article
Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2010,Volume: 120,Issue: 8,Page: 2989-3000
Authors:  Ng P.C.;  Ang I.L.;  Chiu R.W.K.;  Li K.;  Lam H.S.;  Wong R.P.O.;  Chui K.M.;  Cheung H.M.;  Ng E.W.Y.;  Fok T.F.;  Sung J.J.Y.;  Lo Y.M.D.;  Poon T.C.W.
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