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Strategic Orientation, Foreign Parent Control, and Differentiation Capability Building of International Joint Ventures in an Emerging Market Journal article
Journal of International Marketing, 2014,Volume: 22,Issue: 3,Page: 30-49
Authors:  Xiaoyun Chen;  Alex Xin Chen;  Kevin Zheng Zhou
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Attention-based View  International Joint Ventures  China  Strategic Orientation  Differentiation Capability  
Marketing capabilities, institutional development, and the performance of emerging market firms: A multinational study Journal article
International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2013,Volume: 30,Issue: 1,Page: 36-45
Authors:  Wu J.
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Economic Growth  Emerging Economies  Individualism  Institutions  Legislative Systems  Marketing Capabilities  Performance  
A two-path model on the effects of positivity and empathy reflected by online reviews: a choice mechanism perspective Journal article
International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, 2012,Volume: 7,Issue: 3,Page: 260-277
Authors:  Xuehua Wang;  Cheris W.C. Chow;  Zhilin Yang
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Cognitive Processes  Purchase Intentions  Positivity  Virtual Reviews  Choice Mechanisms  Cognitive Processing  Normative Processing  Searcher Problems  Decision Making  Two-path Models  Psychological Mechanisms  Psychology  Theoretical Implications  Managerial Implications  Online Shopping  Virtual Shopping  E-shopping  Electronic Shopping  Internet Marketing  Advertising  World Wide Web  Normative Processes  Affective Processes  Online Product Reviews  Empathy  
Unfolding Large-scale Marketing Data Journal article
Authors:  Ho, Ying;  Chung, Yuho;  Lau, Kin-nam
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Network Data  Degenerate Solution  Information Visualization  Multidimensional Unfolding  
Antecedents of redemption of reward points: Credit card market in china and international comparison Journal article
Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 2010,Volume: 22,Issue: 1,Page: 33
Authors:  Liu M.T.;  Brock J.L.
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Consumer loyalty  Credit card  Redemption  Reward programs  
How do new ventures grow? Firm capabilities, growth strategies and performance Journal article
International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2009,Volume: 26,Issue: 4,Page: 294-303
Authors:  Xiaoyun Chen;  Huan Zou;  Danny T. Wang
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China  Firm Capabilities  Growth Strategies  New Ventures  
Cultural influence on proneness to brand loyalty Journal article
Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 2007,Volume: 19,Issue: 3,Page: 7
Authors:  Desmond Lam
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Culture  Brand Loyalty  Consumer Behavior  
Visual and verbal communication in the design of eco-label for green consumer products Journal article
Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 2004,Volume: 16,Issue: 4,Page: 85-105
Authors:  Tang,Esther;  Fryxell,Gerald E.;  Chow,Clement S.F.
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Consumer Buying Behavior  Eco-label  Factorial Design  Green Consumerism Experiment  Visual/verbal Communication