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Fabrication of pre-alloyed Al-Li powders with high Li content via thermal dehydrogenation of LiH and rapid solidification process Journal article
Materials and Design, 2016,Volume: 94,Page: 159-165
Authors:  Kim S.H.;  Hui K.N.;  Kim Y.-J.;  Lim T.-S.;  Yang D.-Y.;  Kim K.B.;  Kim Y.J.;  Jang G.J.;  Yang S.
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LiH  Pre-alloyed Al-Li powders  Rapid solidification  Thermal dehydrogenation  
Para-aminosalicylic acid (PAS) is a prodrug targeting dihydrofolate reductase in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Journal article
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 2013,Volume: 288,Issue: 32,Page: 23447-23456
Authors:  Zheng, J;  Rubin, EJ;  Bifani, P;  Mathys, V;  Lim, V;  Au, M;  Jang, J;  Nam, J;  Dick, T;  Walker, JR;  Pethe, K;  Camacho, LR
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Novel method to evaluate moisture permeation of the metal barrier coating on polymer substrate Conference paper
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Authors:  Kim H.-B.;  Choi Y.-J.;  Hui K.N.;  Jang C.;  Cho Y.-R.
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Flexible device  Moisture permeation  Polymer substrate  Weight gain test  
Event-related potentials in adolescents with combined ADHD and CD disorder: A single stimulus paradigm Journal article
Brain and Cognition, 2006,Volume: 60,Issue: 1,Page: 70-75
Authors:  Du J.;  Li J.;  Wang Y.;  Jiang Q.;  Livesley W.J.;  Jang K.L.;  Wang K.;  Wang W.
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Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder  China  Conduct disorders  Disordered personality trait  Event-related potentials  Passive auditory P3  
Development of advanced wastewater treatment system using phototrophic purple non-sulfur bacteria Journal article
Korean Journal of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2002,Volume: 30,Issue: 2,Page: 189-197
Authors:  Lee S.-S.;  Joo H.-J.;  Lee S.;  Jang M.;  Lee T.-K.;  Shim H.;  Shin E.
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Nutrients removal  Photosynthetic bacteria  Wastewater