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Basic FGF and suppression of BMP signaling sustain undifferentiated proliferation of human ES cells Journal article
Nature Methods, 2005,Volume: 2,Issue: 3,Page: 185-190
Authors:  Ren-He Xu;  Ruthann M Peck;  Dong S Li;  Xuezhu Feng;  Tenneille Ludwig;  James A Thomson
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BMP4 initiates human embryonic stem cell differentiation to trophoblast Journal article
Nature Biotechnology, 2002,Volume: 20,Issue: 12,Page: 1261-1264
Authors:  Ren-He Xu;  Xin Chen;  Dong S. Li;  Rui Li;  Gregory C. Addicks;  Clay Glennon;  Thomas P. Zwaka;  James A. Thomson
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