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A qualitative case study of Instructional Support practices in Chinese preschool classrooms Journal article
Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, 2018,Volume: 18,Page: 133-144
Authors:  Yi Yang;  Bi Ying Hu;  Shulin Yu;  Sherron Killingsworth Roberts;  Sylvia S.L. Ieong
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Understanding chinese efl teachers' conceptions and practices of assessment implications for teacher assessment literacy development Journal article
Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 2018,Volume: 41,Issue: 1,Page: 4-27
Authors:  Gan,Zhengdong;  Ieong,Sylvia S.L.;  Su,Yuanlian;  He,Jinbo
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Chinese Efl Teachers  Classroom Assessment Practices  Efl Teacher Assessment Literacy Development  Efl Teacher Conceptions Of Assessment  Student-centred Assessment  
Chinese urban and suburban parents' priorities for early childhood education practices: Applying Q-sort methodology Journal article
Children and Youth Services Review, 2016,Volume: 64,Page: 100-109
Authors:  Bi Ying Hu;  Yi Yang;  Sylvia S.L. Ieong
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Parents' Priority Quality Ece Program Characteristics  Q-sort Process  Urban And subUrban Chinese Parents  
Quality input and sustainability in early immersion classrooms: A case study of an experimental school in Macao Journal article
Frontiers of Education in China, 2011,Volume: 6,Issue: 1,Page: 92-105
Authors:  Ieong,Sylvia S.L.;  Lau,Sin Peng
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continuity and sustainability in school context  English immersion instruction (EI)  Input Hypothesis  teacher development and quality input  
Teaching and learning english in macao Journal article
Asian Englishes, 2002,Volume: 5,Issue: 1,Page: 76-83
Authors:  Ieong,Sylvia S.L.
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