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Numerical study on catalytic combustion of methane with ozone using Pd-exchanged zeolite X Journal article
Science China Chemistry, 2015,Volume: 58,Issue: 5,Page: 899-904
Authors:  Wu R.;  Chen R.;  Wang H.;  Wang Z.;  Zhu X.;  Liao Q.;  Hui K.;  Hui K.
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catalytic combustion  methane conversion  ozone  porous medium  
Characterization of three- and four-point bending properties of porous metal fiber sintered sheet Journal article
Materials and Design, 2014,Volume: 56,Page: 522-527
Authors:  Zhou W.;  Wang Q.;  Ling W.;  He L.;  Tang Y.;  Wu F.;  Liao J.;  Hui K.S.;  Hui K.N.
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Bending properties  Porosity  Porous materials  Sintering parameters  
The dark side of leadership: A three-level investigation of the cascading effect of abusive supervision on employee creativity Journal article
Academy of Management Journal, 2012,Volume: 55,Issue: 5,Page: 1187-1212
Authors:  Dong Liu;  Hui Liao;  Raymond Loi
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Looking at both sides of the social exchange coin: A social cognitive perspective on the joint effects of relationship quality and differentiation on creativity Journal article
The Academy of Management Journal, 2010,Volume: 53,Issue: 5,Page: 1090-1109
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An investigation of the cascading impact of abusive supervision on creativity Conference paper
Academy of Management 2010 Annual Meeting - Dare to Care: Passion and Compassion in Management Practice and Research, AOM 2010, Montreal, QC, Canada, 8 6, 2010 - 8 10, 2010
Authors:  Liu, Dong;  Liao, Hui;  Loi, Raymond
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Why, When, and How? An Investigation of the Cascading Impact of Abusive Supervision on Creativity Conference paper
Academy of Management 2010 Annual Meeting Program, Montreal, QC; Canada, August 6-10, 2010
Authors:  Liu D.;  Liao, Hui;  Loi, Raymond
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