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Comorbid Moderate–Severe Depressive Symptoms and their Association with Quality of Life in Chinese Patients with Schizophrenia Treated in Primary Care Journal article
Community Mental Health Journal, 2016,Volume: 52,Issue: 8,Page: 921-926
Authors:  Hou C.-L.;  Ma X.-R.;  Cai M.-Y.;  Li Y.;  Zang Y.;  Jia F.-J.;  Lin Y.-Q.;  Chiu H.F.K.;  Ungvari G.S.;  Hall B.J.;  Zhong B.-L.;  Cao X.-L.;  Xiang Y.-T.
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China  Community-dwelling  Depressive Symptoms  Primary Care  Schizophrenia  
Fear of missing out, need for touch, anxiety and depression are related to problematic smartphone use Journal article
Computers in Human Behavior, 2016,Volume: 63,Page: 509
Authors:  Elhai J.D.;  Levine J.C.;  Dvorak R.D.;  Hall B.J.
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Addictions  Information technology  Internet addiction  Mental disorders  Mobile phones  Psychopathology