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Protein Cofactors Are Essential for High-Affinity DNA Binding by the Nuclear Factor κb RelA Subunit Journal article
Biochemistry, 2018,Volume: 57,Issue: 20,Page: 2943-2957
Authors:  Mulero M.C.;  Shahabi S.;  Ko M.S.;  Schiffer J.M.;  Huang D.-B.;  Wang V.Y.-F.;  Amaro R.E.;  Huxford T.;  Ghosh G.
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DNA-binding affinity and transcriptional activity of the RelA homodimer of nuclear factor κb are not correlated Journal article
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2017,Volume: 292,Issue: 46,Page: 18821-18830
Authors:  Mulero M.C.;  Huang D.-B.;  Thien Nguyen H.;  Wang V.Y.-F.;  Li Y.;  Biswas T.;  Ghosh G.
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The NF-κB subunit RelB controls p100 processing by competing with the kinases NIK and IKK1 for binding to p100 Journal article
Science Signaling, 2016,Volume: 9,Issue: 447
Authors:  Fusco A.J.;  Mazumder A.;  Wang V.Y.-F.;  Tao Z.;  Ware C.;  Ghosh G.
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The Transcriptional Specificity of NF-κB Dimers Is Coded within the κB DNA Response Elements Journal article
Cell Reports, 2012,Volume: 2,Issue: 4,Page: 824-839
Authors:  Wang V.-F.;  Huang W.;  Asagiri M.;  Spann N.;  Hoffmann A.;  Glass C.;  Ghosh G.
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NF-κB regulation: Lessons from structures Journal article
Immunological Reviews, 2012,Volume: 246,Issue: 1,Page: 36-58
Authors:  Ghosh G.;  Wang V.Y.-F.;  Huang D.-B.;  Fusco A.
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Inflammation  Kinases/phosphatases  Signal Transdcution  Signaling Proteins  Transcription Factors  
NF-κB p52:RelB heterodimer recognizes two classes of κB sites with two distinct modes Journal article
EMBO Reports, 2009,Volume: 10,Issue: 2,Page: 152-159
Authors:  Fusco A.J.;  Huang D.-B.;  Miller D.;  Wang V.Y.-F.;  Vu D.;  Ghosh G.
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Curcumin prevents and reverses murine cardiac hypertrophy Journal article
Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2008,Volume: 118,Issue: 3,Page: 879-893
Authors:  Li H.-L.;  Liu C.;  De Couto G.;  Ouzounian M.;  Sun M.;  Wang A.-B.;  Huang Y.;  He C.-W.;  Shi Y.;  Chen X.;  Nghiem M.P.;  Liu Y.;  Chen M.;  Dawood F.;  Fukuoka M.;  Maekawa Y.;  Zhang L.;  Leask A.;  Ghosh A.K.;  Kirshenbaum L.A.;  Liu P.P.
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X-ray Structure of a NF-κB p50/RelB/DNA Complex Reveals Assembly of Multiple Dimers on Tandem κB Sites Journal article
Journal of Molecular Biology, 2007,Volume: 373,Issue: 3,Page: 723-734
Authors:  Moorthy A.K.;  Huang D.-B.;  Wang V.Y.-F.;  Vu D.;  Ghosh G.
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NF-κB  p50  RelB  transcription  X-ray crystallography