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Place identity construction of Third Culture Kids: Eliciting voices of children with high mobility lifestyle Journal article
GEOFORUM, 2017,Volume: 81,Page: 120-128
Authors:  Lijadi, Anastasia A.;  Van Schalkwyk, Gertina J.
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L’impact de l’industrie du jeu sur la vie familiale à Macao Une étude exploratoire Journal article
Perspcetives Chinoises, 2006,Issue: 93,Page: 27- 37
Authors:  Gertina J. van Schalkwyk;  Emilie Tran;  Kay Chang
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The Impact of Macao’s Gaming Industry on Family Life An exploratory study Journal article
ChinaPerspectives, 2006,Issue: 64,Page: 2-12
Authors:  Gertina J. van Schalkwyk;  Emilie Tran;  Kay Chang
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