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Murine B7-H3 is a negative regulator of T cells Journal article
Journal of Immunology, 2004,Volume: 173,Issue: 4,Page: 2500-2506
Authors:  Prasad D.V.R.;  Nguyen T.;  Li Z.;  Yang Y.;  Duong J.;  Wang Y.;  Dong C.
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Regulation of innate and adaptive immune responses by MAP kinase phosphatase 5 Journal article
Nature, 2004,Volume: 430,Issue: 7001,Page: 793-797
Authors:  Zhang Y.;  Blattman J.N.;  Kennedy N.J.;  Duong J.;  Hguyen T.;  Wang Y.;  Davis R.J.;  Greenberg P.D.;  Flavell R.A.;  Dong C.
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