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Dynamic Monitoring and Control System Based on Synchronized Phasor Measurement in Heilongjian Eastern Power System Conference paper
2000 IEEE Power Engineering Society Winter Meeting. Conference Proceedings (Cat. No.00CH37077), Singapore, Singapore, 23-27 Jan. 2000
Authors:  Jingtao Wu;  Wong Chi Kong;  Yingduo Han;  Yong Min;  Wenjin Cui;  Bin Yang;  Wei Tim;  Qiang Tu;  Wei Jia
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80Cl96MC Microcontroller-based Inverter Motor Control And IR2130 Six-output IGBT Driver Conference paper
IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference, IEMDC 1999 - Proceedings, Seattle, WA, United states, 5 9, 1999 - 5 12, 1999
Authors:  Tang, Yiliang;  Cui, Wenjin;  Xie, Xiaorong;  Han, Yingduo;  Wong, Man-Chung
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