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A combined spectroscopic and crystallographic approach to probing drug-human serum albumin interactions Journal article
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 2010,Volume: 18,Issue: 21,Page: 7486-7496
Authors:  Buttar D.;  Colclough N.;  Gerhardt S.;  MacFaul P.A.;  Phillips S.D.;  Plowright A.;  Whittamore P.;  Tam K.;  Maskos K.;  Steinbacher S.;  Steuber H.
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Albumin  Binding  Crystallography  Drug  Fluorescence  Subdomain Ib  
Aqueous Solubility in Drug Discovery Chemistry, DMPK, and Biological Assays Book
Authors:  Colclough N.;  Ruston L.;  Tam K.
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Aqueous solubility  Biological assays  Drug discovery  Drug metabolism  Powder X-ray diffraction  
High throughput solubility determination with application to selection of compounds for fragment screening Journal article
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 2008,Volume: 16,Issue: 13,Page: 6611-6616
Authors:  Colclough N.;  Hunter A.;  Kenny P.W.;  Kittlety R.S.;  Lobedan L.;  Tam K.Y.;  Timms M.A.
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Automation  Fragment Screening  Fragment-based Drug Discovery  Physicochemical Properties  Screening Library  Solubility  Structure-property Relationship  Uv/vis Spectroscopy