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Sine transform based preconditioners for solving constant-coefficient first-order PDEs Journal article
Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 2003,Volume: 366,Issue: SPEC. ISS.,Page: 283-294
Authors:  Jin X.-Q.;  Lei S.-L.
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Clustered Spectrum  Constant-coefficient First-order Pdes  Gmres Method  Preconditioner  Sine Transform  
Strang-type preconditioners for solving differential-algebraic equations Conference paper
Numerical Analysis and Its Applications, UNIV ROUSSE, RUSE, BULGARIA, JUN 11-15, 2000
Authors:  Siu-Long Lei;  Xiao-Qing Jin
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Gmres Method  Strang-type Block-circulant Preconditioner  Convergence Rate  Clustered Spectrum  Daes  Odes  Bvms