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A novel two-stage, transdisciplinary study identifies digoxin as a possible drug for prostate cancer treatment Journal article
Cancer Discovery, 2011,Volume: 1,Issue: 1,Page: 68-77
Authors:  Platz E.A.;  Yegnasubramanian S.;  Liu J.O.;  Chong C.R.;  Shim J.S.;  Kenfield S.A.;  Stampfer M.J.;  Willett W.C.;  Giovannucci E.;  Nelson W.G.
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Effect of nitroxoline on angiogenesis and growth of human bladder cancer Journal article
Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 2010,Volume: 102,Issue: 24,Page: 1855-1873
Authors:  Shim J.S.;  Matsui Y.;  Bhat S.;  Nacev B.A.;  Xu J.;  Bhang H.-E.C.;  Dhara S.;  Han K.C.;  Chong C.R.;  Pomper M.G.;  So A.;  Liu J.O.
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