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UGT73F17, a new glycosyltransferase from Glycyrrhiza uralensis, catalyzes the regiospecific glycosylation of pentacyclic triterpenoids Journal article
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 2018,Volume: 54,Issue: 62,Page: 8594-8597
Authors:  He, Junbin;  Chen, Kuan;  Hu, Zhi-min;  Li, Kai;  Song, Wei;  Yu, Li-yan;  Leung, Chung-Hang;  Ma, Dik-Lung;  Qiao, Xue;  Ye, Min
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Experimental study of the ultrasonic effect on heat transfer inside a horizontal mini-tube in the laminar region Conference paper
Authors:  Tam, Hou Kuan;  Tam, Lap Mou;  Ghajar, Afshin J.;  Chen, I. Ping
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Horizontal mini-tube  Ultrasound  Heat transfer enhancement  Laminar region  
Preparation of expandable graphite via ozone-hydrothermal process and flame-retardant properties of high-density polyethylene composites Journal article
High Performance Polymers, 2014,Volume: 26,Issue: 1,Page: 34-42
Authors:  Shen M.-Y.;  Li K.-Y.;  Kuan C.-F.;  Kuan H.-C.;  Chen C.-H.;  Yip M.-C.;  Chou H.-W.;  Chiang C.-L.
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Composite  expandable graphite  flame retardant  hydrothermal process  ozone  
Preparation, characterization, thermal, and flame-retardant properties of green silicon-containing epoxy/functionalized graphene nanosheets composites Journal article
Journal of Nanomaterials, 2013,Volume: 2013
Authors:  Shen M.-Y.;  Kuan C.-F.;  Kuan H.-C.;  Chen C.-H.;  Wang J.-H.;  Yip M.-C.;  Chiang C.-L.
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Preparation, thermal stability and flame-retardant properties of halogen-free polypropylene composites Journal article
High Performance Polymers, 2012,Volume: 24,Issue: 6,Page: 478-487
Authors:  Li Y.-L.;  Kuan C.-F.;  Hsu S.-W.;  Chen C.-H.;  Kuan H.-C.;  Lee F.-M.;  Yip M.-C.;  Chiang C.-L.
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composite  flame retardant  halogen free  polypropylene  thermal stability  
Preparation, thermal stability and electrical properties of PMMA/functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets composites Journal article
Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2012,Volume: 134,Issue: 2-3,Page: 677-685
Authors:  Li Y.-L.;  Kuan C.-F.;  Chen C.-H.;  Kuan H.-C.;  Yip M.-C.;  Chiu S.-L.;  Chiang C.-L.
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Composite  Graphene oxide nanosheets  TGA  Thermal stability  XPS  
Preparation and characterization of carbon nanotubes/epoxy resin nano-prepreg for nanocomposites Journal article
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 2010,Volume: 71,Issue: 4,Page: 431-435
Authors:  Chen W.-J.;  Li Y.-L.;  Chiang C.-L.;  Kuan C.-F.;  Kuan H.-C.;  Lin T.-T.;  Yip M.-C.
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A. Polymers  D. Electrical conductivity  D. Mechanical properties  
Resonance-enhanced dipolar interaction between terahertz photons and confined acoustic phonons in nanocrystals Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2008,Volume: 92,Issue: 9
Authors:  Liu T.-M.;  Lu J.-Y.;  Chen H.-P.;  Kuo C.-C.;  Yang M.-J.;  Lai C.-W.;  Chou P.-T.;  Chang M.-H.;  Liu H.-L.;  Li Y.-T.;  Pan C.-L.;  Lin S.-H.;  Kuan C.-H.;  Sun C.-K.
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Measuring plasmon-resonance enhanced third-harmonic χ(3) of Ag nanoparticles Journal article
Authors:  Tzu-Ming Liu;  Shih-Peng Tai;  Che-Hang Yu;  Yu-Chieh Wen;  Shi-Wei Chu;  Lung-Jin Chen;  Muppa Ramakrishna Prasad;  Kuan-Jiuh Lin;  Chi-Kuang Sun
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