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Time-resolved photoluminescence of barium titanate ultrafine powders Journal article
Journal of Applied Physics, 2006,Volume: 99,Issue: 6
Authors:  Lu S.G.;  Xu Z.K.;  Chen H.;  Mak C.L.;  Wong K.H.;  Li K.F.;  Cheah K.W.
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Synthesis and optical properties of germanium nanorod array fabricated on porous anodic alumina and Si-based templates Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2005,Volume: 86,Issue: 2
Authors:  Mei Y.F.;  Li Z.M.;  Chu R.M.;  Tang Z.K.;  Siu G.G.;  Fu R.K.Y.;  Chu P.K.;  Wu W.W.;  Cheah K.W.
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