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Rural Chinese women's political participation: Problems and prospects Book chapter
出自: Social Issues in China: Gender, Ethnicity, Labor, and the Environment:New York: Springer, 2017, 页码: 23-44
Authors:  Ho,Chiew Siang Bryan;  Li,Qin
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Gender Prejudices  Rural Politics  State Intervention  Transaction Costs Representation And Participation  Village Elections  
IMPLEMENTING TAX REFORM AND RURAL RECONSTRUCTION IN CHINA: A case study of the CCP'S agrarian policy Book chapter
出自: Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Communist Party, London:Routledge, 2017, 页码: 205-218
Authors:  Chiew-siang Bryan Ho
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Governance, inclusion and trust in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao Journal article
Asian Education and Development Studies, 2015,Volume: 4,Issue: 3,Page: 250-264
Authors:  Chiew-Siang Bryan Ho
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Markets  Policy Networks  Asian Developmental States  Interventionist Governance  Modes Of Government  Regulated Self-governance  
Village democracy shrugs in rural China Journal article
East Asia Forum quarterly, 2014
Authors:  Bryan Ho
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Political Culture, Social Movements, and Governability in Macao Journal article
Asian Affairs: An American Review, 2011,Volume: 38,Issue: 2,Page: 59-87
Authors:  C. S. BRYAN HO
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Crisis Of Legitimacy  Governability  Labor Protest  Political Culture  Social Movement  
Re-Conceptualizing "Legitimacy" for Studying Electoral Politics in Rural China Journal article
Journal of Chinese Political Science, 2011,Volume: 16,Issue: 2,Page: 207-227
Authors:  C. S. Bryan Ho
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Democratization  Dialectics Of Legitimacy  Electoral Legitimacy  Patrimonialism  Voting  
Re-conceptualizing "Legitimacy" for Studying Village Elections in China Book chapter
出自: Reviving legitimacy: lessons for and from China:Lexington Books, 2011, 页码: 83-107
Authors:  C. S. Bryan Ho
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Village elections and the institutionalization of legitimate authority Book chapter
出自: The Institutional Dynamics of China's Great Transformation:New York: Routledge, 2011, 页码: 197-218
Authors:  C. S. BRYAN HO
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