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Akt isoforms differentially regulate neutrophil functions Journal article
Blood, 2010,Volume: 115,Issue: 21,Page: 4237-4246
Authors:  Chen J.;  Tang H.;  Hay N.;  Xu J.;  Ye R.D.
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Development of regulatory T cells requires IL-7R{alpha} stimulation by IL-7 or TSLP Journal article
Blood, 2008,Volume: 112,Issue: 8,Page: 3283-3292
Authors:  Mazzucchelli R.;  Hixon J.A.;  Spolski R.;  Chen X.;  Li W.Q.;  Hall V.L.;  Willette-Brown J.;  Hurwitz A.A.;  Leonard W.J.;  Durum S.K.
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Splenic CD19-CD35+B220+ cells function as an inducer of follicular dendritic cell network formation Journal article
Blood, 2007,Volume: 110,Issue: 4,Page: 1215-1224
Authors:  Murakami T.;  Chen X.;  Hase K.;  Sakamoto A.;  Nishigaki C.;  Ohno H.
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Triptolide, a constituent of immunosuppressive Chinese herbal medicine, is a potent suppressor of dendritic-cell maturation and trafficking Journal article
Blood, 2005,Volume: 106,Issue: 7,Page: 2409-2416
Authors:  Chen X.;  Murakami T.;  Oppenheim J.J.;  Howard O.M.Z.
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Autoantigens signal through chemokine receptors: uveitis antigens induce CXCR3- and CXCR5-expressing lymphocytes and immature dendritic cells to migrate Journal article
Blood, 2005,Volume: 105,Issue: 11,Page: 4207-4214
Authors:  Zack Howard;  Hui Fang Dong;  Shao Bo Su;  Rachel R. Caspi;  Xin Chen;  Paul Plotz;  Joost J. Oppenheim
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Serum amyloid A induces IL-8 secretion through a G protein-coupled receptor, FPRL1/LXA4R Journal article
Blood, 2003,Volume: 101,Issue: 4,Page: 1572-1581
Authors:  He R.;  Sang H.;  Ye R.D.
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