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Urban Space in Republican Chinese Cities as Seen Through Cultural Narratives: A Prologue Book chapter
出自: New Narratives of Urban Space in Republican Chinese Cities : Emerging Social, Legal and Governance Orders:BRILL, 2013, 2013, 页码: 1-12
Authors:  Billy K. L. So;  Madeleine Zelin
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The economy of lower Yangzi delta in late imperial China : connecting money, markets, and institutions Book
London ; New York:Routledge, 2013
Authors:  Billy K. L. So
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Modern China's Treaty Port Economy in Institutional Perspective: An Introductory Essay Book chapter
出自: The Treaty Port Economy in Modern China Empirical Studies of Institutional Change and Economic Performance, University of California, Berkeley:Institute of East Asian Studies, 2011, 页码: 1-32
Authors:  Billy K. L. So
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The Treaty Port Economy in Modern China: Empirical Studies of Institutional Change and Economic Performance Book
Berkeley: University of California:Institute of East Asian Studies, 2011
Authors:  Billy K. L. So;  Ramon Hawley Myers
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Chinese Legal Reforms in Historical and Comparative Perspective: The Legal Reforms of the 1990s and the 1070s Journal article
Hong Kong law journal, 2010,Volume: 40,Issue: 1,Page: 175-198
Authors:  So, Billy K. L.
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Socioeconomic History in Space: Song-Jia Region of Late Ming China as Seen in a GIS Dataset Conference paper
PNC 2005 Annual Conference, University of Hawaii at Manoa, in Honolulu, Hawaii, October 31, 2005 ~ November 3, 2005
Authors:  Billy K. L. So;  Lin Hui
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Power and identity in the Chinese world order : festschrift in honour of Professor Wang Gungwu Book
Hong Kong:Hong Kong University Press, 2003
Authors:  Billy K. L. So;  John Fitzgerald;  Huang Jianli;  James K. Chin
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Journal of the economic and social history of the Orient, 2002,Volume: 45,Issue: 1,Page: 96-127
Authors:  SUFUMI SO;  BILLY K. L. SO
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Chõÿan-chou,  Sung-yuan China,  Population Growth,  Maritime Prosperity,  Dual Scaling.  
Prosperity, Region, and Institutions in Maritime China: The South Fukien Pattern, 946-1368 Book
Cambridge, Mass:Harvard University Asia Center, 2000
Authors:  Billy K. L. So
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