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社会创造性的脑机制:状态与特质的EEGα波活动特点 Journal article
心理学报, 2015,Volume: 47,Issue: 6,Page: 765-773
Authors:  谷传华;  王亚丽;  吴财付;  谢祥龙;  崔承珠;  王亚娴;  王婉贞;  胡碧颖;  周宗奎
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状态社会创造性  特质社会创造性  α 波同步化  Eeg  
BNR —MBR 组合工艺处理生活污水研究进展 Journal article
给水排水, 2010,Volume: 36,Issue: 9,Page: 132-137
Authors:  毕晔;  谢丽;  周琪;  杨殿海;  Shim HJ
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膜生物反应器(Mbr)  生物营养盐去除(Bnr)   膜污染  
Study progress in combination of biological nutrient removal systems with membrane bioreactor (BNR-MBR) for municipal wastewater treatment. Journal article
WATER & WASTEWATER ENGINEERING, 2010,Volume: 36,Issue: 9,Page: 132-137
Authors:  Bi Y(毕 晔);  Xie L(谢 丽);  Zhou Q(周 琪);  Yang DH(杨殿海);  Shim H J
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膜生物反应器(Mbr)  生物营养盐去除(bnr)  膜污染