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MEST: A Model-Driven Efficient Searching Approach for MapReduce Self-Tuning Journal article
IEEE Access, 2017,Volume: 5,Page: 3580 - 3593
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Mapreduce  Hadoop  Self-tuning  Model Trees  Genetic Algorithm  
RFHOC: A Random-Forest Approach to Auto-Tuning Hadoop's Configuration Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2016,Volume: 27,Issue: 5,Page: 1470-1483
Authors:  Bei,Zhendong;  Yu,Zhibin;  Zhang,Huiling;  Xiong,Wen;  Xu,Chengzhong;  Eeckhout,Lieven;  Feng,Shengzhong
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Genetic Algorithm  Mapreduce/hadoop  Performance Tuning  Random Forest  System Configuration  
A survey on text mining in social networks Journal article
KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING REVIEW, 2015,Volume: 30,Issue: 2,Page: 157-170
Authors:  R I Z W A N A I R F A N;  C H R I S T I N E K. K I N G;  D A N I E L G R A G E S;  S A M E W E N;  S A M E E U. K H A N;  S A J J A D A. M A D A N I;  J O A N N A K O L O D Z I E J;  L I Z H E W A N G;  D A N C H E N;  A M M A R R A Y E S;  N I K O L A O S T Z I R I T A S;  C H E N G - Z H O N G X U;  A L B E R T Y. Z O M A Y A;  A H M E D S A E E D A L Z A H R A N I;  H O N G X I A N G L I
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Genetic Algorithm  Neural-networks  Classification  
Architecture-based design and optimization of genetic algorithms on multi- and many-core systems Journal article
Future Generation Computer Systems, 2014,Volume: 38,Page: 75-91
Authors:  Zheng,Long;  Lu,Yanchao;  Guo,Minyi;  Guo,Song;  Xu,Cheng Zhong
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Accuracy  Architecture  Genetic Algorithm  Gpu  Multi-core  Speedup