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Nonlinear Observer for 3D Rigid Body Motion Estimation Using Doppler Measurements Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2016,Volume: 61,Issue: 11,Page: 3580-3585
Authors:  Bras S.;  Izadi M.;  Silvestre C.;  Sanyal A.;  Oliveira P.
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Doppler Measurements  Navigation  Nonlinear Dynamic Systems  Observers  Time-varying Systems  
On the stability of the continuous-time Kalman filter subject to exponentially decaying perturbations Journal article
Systems and Control Letters, 2016,Volume: 89,Page: 41-46
Authors:  Viegas D.;  Batista P.;  Oliveira P.;  Silvestre C.
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Estimation  Kalman Filtering  Time-varying Systems  
Output regulation for non-square linear multi-rate systems Journal article
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2014,Volume: 24,Issue: 5,Page: 968-990
Authors:  Antunes D.;  Hespanha J.P.;  Silvestre C.
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Internal Model Principle  Multi-rate  Output Regulation  Periodic Blocking Zeros  Time-varying Systems  
A synthesis method of LTI MIMO robust controllers for uncertain LPV plants Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2014,Volume: 59,Issue: 8,Page: 2234-2240
Authors:  Rosa P.;  Balas G.J.;  Silvestre C.;  Athans M.
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Robust Control  Time-varying Systems  Uncertain Systems  
Fault detection and isolation of LPV systems using set-valued observers: An application to a fixed-wing aircraft Journal article
Control Engineering Practice, 2013,Volume: 21,Issue: 3,Page: 242-252
Authors:  Rosa P.;  Silvestre C.
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Discrete-time Systems  Fault Detection  Fault Diagnosis  Fault Isolation  Time-varying Systems  Uncertain Dynamic Systems  
A GES attitude observer with single vector observations Journal article
Automatica, 2012,Volume: 48,Issue: 2,Page: 388
Authors:  Batista P.;  Silvestre C.;  Oliveira P.
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Attitude Algorithms  Estimation Algorithms  Navigation Systems  State Observers  Time-varying Systems  
Position USBL/DVL sensor-based navigation filter in the presence of unknown ocean currents Conference paper
Authors:  Morgado M.;  Batista P.;  Oliveira P.;  Silvestre C.
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Kalman Filters  Navigation Systems  Nonlinear Models  Observability  Performance Limits  Time-varying Systems  
Stability overlay for adaptive control laws Journal article
Automatica, 2011,Volume: 47,Issue: 5,Page: 1007-1014
Authors:  Rosa P.;  Shamma J.S.;  Silvestre C.;  Athans M.
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Robust Adaptive Control  Robust Stability  Time-varying Systems  
Discrete-time complementary filters for attitude and position estimation: Design, analysis and experimental validation Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2011,Volume: 19,Issue: 1,Page: 181-198
Authors:  Vasconcelos J.F.;  Cardeira B.;  Silvestre C.;  Oliveira P.;  Batista P.
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Complementary Filters  Navigation Systems  Strapdown Systems  Time-varying Systems  
Position USBL/DVL Sensor-based Navigation Filter in the presence of Unknown Ocean Currents Journal article
AUTOMATICA, 2011,Volume: 47,Issue: 12,Page: 2604-2614
Authors:  Morgado, M;  Batista, P;  Oliveira, P;  Silvestre, C
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Navigation Systems  Time-varying Systems  Nonlinear Models  Observability  Performance Limits  Kalman Filters