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A two-step control approach for docking of autonomous underwater vehicles Journal article
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2015,Volume: 25,Issue: 10,Page: 1528-1547
Authors:  Batista P.;  Silvestre C.;  Oliveira P.
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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles  Docking  Nonlinear Control  
Position and velocity USBL/IMU sensor-based navigation filter Conference paper
IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline), Milano, August 28 - September 2, 2011
Authors:  Morgado M.;  Batista P.;  Oliveira P.;  Silvestre C.
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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles  Guidance And Control  Kalman FilterIng Techniques In marIne Systems Control  Marine System Navigation  Nonlinear Observer And Filter Design  
A time differences of arrival-based homing strategy for autonomous underwater vehicles Journal article
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2010,Volume: 20,Issue: 15,Page: 1758-1773
Authors:  Batista P.;  Silvestre C.;  Oliveira P.
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Acoustic Positioning Systems  Autonomous Underwater Vehicles  Nonlinear Control  Sensor-based Control  
Coordinated path-following in the presence of communication losses and time delays Journal article
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 2009,Volume: 48,Issue: 1,Page: 234-265
Authors:  Ghabcheloo R.;  Aguiar A.P.;  Pascoal A.;  Silvestre C.;  Kaminer I.;  Hespanha J.
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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles  Communication Losses And Time Delays  Coordination Control  Path-following  
Depth control of the INFANTE AUV using gain-scheduled reduced order output feedback Journal article
Control Engineering Practice, 2007,Volume: 15,Issue: 7,Page: 883-895
Authors:  Silvestre C.;  Pascoal A.
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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles  Gain-scheduled Control  Linear Matrix Inequalities  Marine Systems  Output Feedback  
Coordinated Motion Control of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Conference paper
Proc. of the International Workshop on Underwater Robotics for Sustainable Management of Marine Ecosystems and Environmental Monitoring, Genova, Italy, November 2005
Authors:  Reza Ghabcheloo;  Antonio Pascoal;  Carlos Silvestre;  Danilo Carvalho
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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles  Coordinated Path-following  Coordination Control  Graph Theory  Nonlinear Control  Underactuated Systems  
Depth control of the infante auv using gain-scheduled reduced-order output feedback Conference paper
IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline), JUL 03-08, 2005, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
Authors:  Silvestre C.;  Pascoal A.
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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles  Gain-scheduled Control  Marine Systems  Output Feedback  
Control of the INFANTE AUV using gain scheduled static output feedback Journal article
Control Engineering Practice, 2004,Volume: 12,Issue: 12 SPEC. ISS.,Page: 1501-1509
Authors:  Silvestre C.;  Pascoal A.
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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles  Gain-scheduled Control  Static Output Feedback  
Control of the INFANTE AUV using Gain Scheduled Static Output Feedback Conference paper
CONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE, Univ Wales Coll, Caerleon Campus, Newport, WALES, APR 09-11, 2003
Authors:  Silvestre, C;  Pascoal, A
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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles  Static Output Feedback  Gain-scheduled Control  
MARIUS: An autonomous underwater vehicle for coastal oceanography Journal article
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, 1997,Volume: 4,Issue: 4,Page: 46-58
Authors:  Pascoal A.;  Oliveira P.;  Silvestre C.;  Bjerrum A.;  Ishoy A.;  Pignon J.-P.;  Ayela G.;  Petzelt C.
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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles  Coastal Oceanography  Mission Management Systems  Vehicle And Mission Control Systems