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PRAJA is overexpressed in glioblastoma and contributes to neural precursor development Journal article
Genes and Cancer, 2017,Volume: 8,Issue: 7-8,Page: 640-649
Authors:  Shin J.;  Mishra V.;  Glasgow E.;  Zaidi S.;  Ohshiro K.;  Chitti B.;  Chen J.;  Kapadia A.A.;  Rana N.;  Mishra L.;  Deng C.-X.;  Rao S.;  Mishra B.
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Apoptosis  Glioblastoma  Praja  
Murine Wee1 plays a critical role in cell cycle regulation and pre-implantation stages of embryonic development Journal article
International Journal of Biological Sciences, 2006,Volume: 2,Issue: 4,Page: 161-170
Authors:  Tominaga Y.;  Li C.;  Wang R.-H.;  Deng C.-X.
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Apoptosis  Cdk1  Chk2  G2/m  Genetic Instability  
ATM-Chk2-p53 activation prevents tumorigenesis at an expense of organ homeostasis upon Brca1 deficiency Journal article
EMBO Journal, 2006,Volume: 25,Issue: 10,Page: 2167-2177
Authors:  Cao L.;  Kim S.;  Xiao C.;  Wang R.-H.;  Coumoul X.;  Wang X.;  Wen M.L.;  Xia L.X.;  De Soto J.A.;  Takai H.;  Mai S.;  Elledge S.J.;  Motoyama N.;  Deng C.-X.
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Aging  Apoptosis  Breast Cancer  Cell Senescence  G1/s Cell Cycle Checkpoint  
FGFR1 function at the earliest stages of mouse limb development plays an indispensable role in subsequent autopod morphogenesis Journal article
Development, 2005,Volume: 132,Issue: 21,Page: 4755-4764
Authors:  Li C.;  Xu X.;  Nelson D.K.;  Williams T.;  Kuehn M.R.;  Deng C.-X.
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Alx4  Apoptosis  Bmp4  Dkk1  Mkp3  
Disruption of Smad5 gene induces mitochondria-dependent apoptosis in cardiomyocytes Journal article
Experimental Cell Research, 2005,Volume: 306,Issue: 1,Page: 85-93
Authors:  Sun Y.;  Zhou J.;  Liao X.;  Lu Y.;  Deng C.;  Huang P.;  Chen Q.;  Yang X.
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Apoptosis  Cardiomyocytes  Mitochondria  Smad5  
A member of the Pyrin family, IFI16, is a novel BRCA1-associated protein involved in the p53-mediated apoptosis pathway Journal article
Oncogene, 2003,Volume: 22,Issue: 55,Page: 8931-8938
Authors:  Aglipay J.A.;  Lee S.W.;  Okada S.;  Fujiuchi N.;  Ohtsuka T.;  Kwak J.C.;  Wang Y.;  Johnstone R.W.;  Deng C.;  Qin J.;  Ouchi T.
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Apoptosis  Brca1  Ifi16  P53  
A Ser250Trp substitution in mouse fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (Fgfr2) results in craniosynostosis Journal article
Bone, 2003,Volume: 33,Issue: 2,Page: 169-178
Authors:  Chen L.;  Li D.;  Li C.;  Engel A.;  Deng C.-X.
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Apert Syndrome  Apoptosis  Coronal Suture  Fgfr2  Intramembraneous Ossification  Proliferation  
Impaired meiotic DNA-damage repair and lack of crossing-over during spermatogenesis in BRCA1 full-length isoform deficient mice Journal article
Development, 2003,Volume: 130,Issue: 9,Page: 2001-2012
Authors:  Xu X;  Aprelikova O;  Moens P;  Deng CX;  Furth PA
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Brca1  Mlh1  Γh2ax  Crossing-over  Apoptosis  
Smad 3 may regulate follicular growth in the mouse ovary Journal article
Biology of Reproduction, 2002,Volume: 66,Issue: 4,Page: 917-923
Authors:  Tomic D;  Brodie SG;  Deng C;  Hickey RJ;  Babus JK;  Malkas LH;  Flaws JA
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Apoptosis  Follicle  Follicular Development  Growth Factors  Ovary  
Angiogenesis defects and mesenchymal apoptosis in mice lacking SMAD5 Journal article
Development, 1999,Volume: 126,Issue: 8,Page: 1571-1580
Authors:  Yang X.;  Castilla L.H.;  Xu X.;  Li C.;  Gotay J.;  Weinstein M.;  Liu P.P.;  Deng C.-X.
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Angiogenesis  Apoptosis  Gene Targeting  Mouse  Smad5  Vasculogenesis  Yolk Sac