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Self-Supplied Tumor Oxygenation through Separated Liposomal Delivery of H2O2 and Catalase for Enhanced Radio-Immunotherapy of Cancer Journal article
Nano Letters, 2018,Volume: 18,Issue: 10,Page: 6360-6368
Authors:  Song X.;  Xu J.;  Liang C.;  Chao Y.;  Jin Q.;  Wang C.;  Chen M.;  Liu Z.
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check-point-blockade immunotherapy  radiotherapy  self-supplied oxygen delivery  Tumor hypoxia  
Clinical research of radiosensitization by CMNa on nasopharyngeal carcinoma of stage IV B Journal article
Chinese Journal of Cancer Prevention and Treatment, 2009,Volume: 16,Issue: 23,Page: 1870-1871
Authors:  Long B.;  Wang Y.;  Jiang Y.
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Nasopharyngeal neoplasms/drug therapy  Nasopharyngeal neoplasms/radiotherapy