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M-preconditioner for M-matrices Conference paper
Applied Mathematics and Computation
Authors:  Jin X.-Q.
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M-matrix  PCG method  Preconditioner  
M-preconditioner for M-matrices Journal article
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2006,Volume: 172,Issue: 2,Page: 701-707
Authors:  Xiao-qing Jin
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M-matrix  Preconditioner  Pcg Method  
A note on the fast algorithm for block Toeplitz systems with tensor structure Journal article
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2002,Volume: 126,Issue: 2-3,Page: 187-197
Authors:  Kou K.-I.;  Sin V.-K.;  Jin X.-Q.
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Block Toeplitz Matrix  Image Restoration  Pcg Method  Preconditioner  
Addendum to "a note on construction of circulant preconditioners from kernels" Journal article
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 1998,Volume: 95,Issue: 1,Page: 91-99
Authors:  Jin X.-Q.;  Sin V.-K.
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Block Circulant Preconditioner  Block Toeplitz Matrix  Kernel  Pcg Method