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Alleviation of Hepatotoxicity of Arecoline (Areca Alkaloid) by a Synthetic Receptor Journal article
ChemistrySelect, 2017,Volume: 2,Issue: 7,Page: 2219-2223
作者:  Li S.;  Yang X.;  Niu Y.;  Andrew G.L.;  Bardelang D.;  Chen X.;  Wang R.
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areca nut  arecoline  hepatotoxicity  host-guest  macrocycles  
A proteomic approach in investigating the hepatoprotective mechanism of schisandrin B: Role of raf kinase inhibitor protein Conference paper
Journal of Proteome Research
作者:  Chen Y.;  Ip S.-P.;  Ko K.-M.;  Poon T.C.W.;  Ng E.W.Y.;  Lai P.B.S.;  Mao Q.-Q.;  Xian Y.-F.;  Che C.-T.
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Carbon tetrachloride  Hepatoprotective agent  Hepatotoxicity  Proteome  RKIP  Schisandrin B