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Complete optimal deployment patterns for full-coverage and κ-connectivity (κ < 6) wireless sensor networks Conference paper
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing (MobiHoc), Illinois Inst Technol, Hong Kong, PEOPLES R CHINA, MAY 26-30, 2008
作者:  Bai X.;  Xuan D.;  Yun Z.;  Lai T.H.;  Jia W.
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Connectivity  Coverage  Optimal Deployment Pattern  Wireless Sensor Network Topology  
A modified counter-propagation network for process mean shift identification Conference paper
Conference Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
作者:  Wang B.;  Wan F.;  Shu L.
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Control chart pattern recognition  Modifed counter-propagation network  Process mean shift  
Supporting Mobile Payment QOS by Data Mining GSM Network Traffic Conference paper
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications and Services, iiWAS 2008, Linz, Austria, November 24 - 26, 2008
作者:  Edison Lai;  Simon Fong;  Yang Hang
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Data-mining  Grade Of Service  Gsm Network  Quality Of Service  
Largest connected component of a star graph with faulty vertices Journal article
International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 2008,Volume: 85,Issue: 12,Page: 1771-1778
作者:  Yang X.;  Megson G.M.;  Tang Y.Y.;  Xing Y.
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Fault tolerance  Interconnection network  Largest connected component  Star graph  
Formation of HAAs and THMs in the Water Treatment and Distribution System of Macau Journal article
Water Practice and Technology, 2008,Volume: 3,Issue: 3
作者:  H. Wong;  K.M. Mok
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Cdbps  Haas  Thms  Water Treatment  Distribution Network  
Embedding a family of disjoint 3D meshes into a crossed cube Journal article
Information Sciences, 2008,Volume: 178,Issue: 11,Page: 2396-2405
作者:  Dong Q.;  Yang X.;  Zhao J.;  Tang Y.Y.
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3D mesh  Crossed cube  Dilation  Expansion  Graph embedding  Interconnection network  
Connectivity in finite ad-hoc networks Journal article
Science in China, Series F: Information Sciences, 2008,Volume: 51,Issue: 4,Page: 417-424
作者:  Wang H.;  Lu G.;  Jia W.;  Zhao W.
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Component  Connectivity probability  Finite ad-hoc network  Topological evolution  
Image-analogies based super resolution Journal article
Ruan Jian Xue Bao/Journal of Software, 2008,Volume: 19,Issue: 4,Page: 851-860
作者:  Gu Y.-T.;  Wu E.-H.
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Image analogies  Markov network  Super resolution  
On the design of a programmable-gain amplifier with built-In compact DC-Offset cancellers for very low-voltage WLAN systems Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, 2008,Volume: 55,Issue: 2,Page: 496-509
作者:  Pui-In Mak;  Seng-Pan U;  Rui P. Martins
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Cmos  Constant Bandwidth (Bw)  Dc-offset Canceller (Doc)  Low Voltage (Lv)  Programmable-gain Amplifier (Pga)  Transient  Wireless Local-area Network (Wlan)  
A tandem network with MAP inputs Journal article
Operations research letters, 2008,Volume: 36,Issue: 2,Page: 189-195
作者:  Zhaotong Lian;  Liming Liu
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Tandem Network  Qbd  Level-dependent  Level-expanding  Dreb Method  Network Sojourn Time