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Analysis, Control, and Design of a Hybrid Grid-Connected Inverter for Renewable Energy Generation With Power Quality Conditioning Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 2018,Volume: 33,Issue: 8,Page: 6755-6768
Authors:  Lei Wang;  Chi-Seng Lam;  Man-Chung Wong
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Active Power  Current Harmonics  Hybrid-coupling  Grid-connected Inverter (Hgci)  Reactive Power  Thyristor-controlled Lc (tcLc)  Unbalanced Compensation  
A Systematic Approach to Hybrid Railway Power Conditioner Design With Harmonic Compensation for High-Speed Railway Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2015,Volume: 62,Issue: 2,Page: 930-942
Authors:  Keng-Weng Lao;  Man-Chung Wong;  NingYi Dai;  Chi-Kong Wong;  Chi-Seng Lam
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Cophase Traction  High-speed Locomotive  Hybrid Filter  Power Quality Compensation  
Hybrid power quality conditioner for co-phase power supply system in electrified railway Journal article
IET Power Electronics, 2012,Volume: 5,Issue: 7,Page: 1084-1094
Authors:  N.Y. Dai;  K.W. Lao;  M.C. Wong;  C.K. Wong
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直流电压自平衡新型三电平准谐振逆变器 Journal article
电工电能新技术, 2010,Volume: 29,Issue: 4,Page: 31-34+61
Authors:  陆耀强;  戴宁怡;  黄民聪
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准谐振直流环节  软开关  多电平逆变器  
新型三维空间矢量脉宽调制在三相四线系统中的应用 Journal article
電力系統自動化, 2003,Volume: 27,Issue: 17,Page: 45-49
Authors:  戴宁怡;  黄民聪;  唐净;  韩英铎
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逆变器  三维空间矢量脉宽调制  三相四线系统  电能质量补偿  
新型五电平逆变器三维PWM控制 Journal article
電網技術, 2003,Volume: 27,Issue: 8,Page: 36-41
Authors:  唐净;  黄民聪;  韩英铎
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三维脉宽调制  逆变器  电压矢量  五电平系统  
三相四线系统并联电能质量补偿器的新型控制方法 Journal article
电力自动化设备, 2003,Volume: 23,Issue: 6,Page: 16-20
Authors:  戴宁怡;  黄民聪;  韩英铎
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电能质量  三电平逆变器  三相四线系统  三维空间矢量调制  
未来的用户电力技术 Journal article
電力系統自動化, 2002,Volume: 26,Issue: 1,Page: 62-69
Authors:  严干贵;  姜齐荣;  黄民聪
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用户电力技术  固态断路器  电能质量  动态电压恢复器  超导储能  
三电平并联型电能质量调节器的控制技术研究 Journal article
清華大學學報(自然科學版), 2000,Volume: 40,Issue: 3,Page: 40-43
Authors:  韩郁;  詹长江;  赵良炳;  黄民聪
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电能质量  三电平变流器  无差拍控制  空间矢量调制