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The synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour of tetracatenar and hexacatenar bi-1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives Journal article
Liquid Crystals, 2009,Volume: 36,Issue: 1,Page: 7-12
Authors:  Zhang P.;  Bai B.;  Wang H.;  Qu S.;  Yu Z.;  Ran X.;  Li M.
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Bi-1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives  Biforked mesogens  Hexagonal columnar phase  High-angle tilting  
Non-symmetric liquid crystal dimers containing the 4-nitrobenzohydrazide group: Synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour Journal article
Liquid Crystals, 2008,Volume: 35,Issue: 7,Page: 793-798
Authors:  Bai B.;  Wang H.;  Zhang P.;  Qu S.;  Li F.;  Yu Z.;  Long B.;  Li M.
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Azobenzene  Derivatives  Hydrazide  Hydrogen bonding  Liquid crystal dimers