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The subjective well-being of academically gifted students in the Chinese cultural context Journal article
SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 2018,Volume: 39,Issue: 3,Page: 291-311
Authors:  Chen, Xinjie;  Fan, Xitao;  Cheung, Hoi Yan;  Wu, Joseph
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academically gifted  adolescents  broaden-and-build theory  China  satisfaction with life  
Factors related to resilience of academically gifted students in the chinese cultural and educational environment Journal article
PSYCHOLOGY IN THE SCHOOLS, 2018,Volume: 55,Issue: 2,Page: 107-119
Authors:  Chen, Xinjie;  Cheung, Hoi Yan;  Fan, Xitao;  Wu, Joseph
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academically gifted  chinese  resilience  secondary school students  
Changing definition of teacher professionalism: Autonomy and accountability Book chapter
出自: Teacher Empowerment Toward Professional Development and Practices: Perspectives Across Borders, 2017, 页码: 59-70
Authors:  Wu,Joseph;  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Chan,Raymond M.C.
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Why do Chinese students cheat? Initial findings based on the self-reports of high school students in China Journal article
Australian Educational Researcher, 2016,Volume: 43,Issue: 2,Page: 245-271
Authors:  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Wu,Joseph;  Huang,Yansheng
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Academic dishonesty  Chinese students  Classroom environment  Mathematics  
Predicting domain-specific risk-taking attitudes of mainland China university students: A hyper core self-evaluation approach Journal article
Journal of Risk Research, 2016,Volume: 19,Issue: 1,Page: 79-100
Authors:  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Wu,Joseph;  Tao,Jun
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hubris  hyper core self-evaluation  overconfidence  risk-taking attitude  sensation seeking  
Career unreadiness in relation to anxiety and authoritarian parenting among undergraduates Journal article
International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 2014,Volume: 19,Issue: 3,Page: 336-349
Authors:  Cheung,Chau Kiu;  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Wu,Joseph
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anxiety  authoritarian parenting  career unreadiness  
Relations of self-concept clarity with impulsivity and hubris among Chinese university students Book chapter
出自: Handbook on The Psychology of Self-Esteem, 2014, 页码: 175-185
Authors:  Wu,Joseph;  Cheung,Hoi Yan
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Chinese university students  Hubris  Impulsivity  Self-concept clarity