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Changing definition of teacher professionalism: Autonomy and accountability Book chapter
出自: Teacher Empowerment Toward Professional Development and Practices: Perspectives Across Borders, 2017, 页码: 59-70
Authors:  Wu,Joseph;  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Chan,Raymond M.C.
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Predicting psychological maladjustment by self-esteem and self-concept clarity Book chapter
出自: Advances in Psychology Research, 2015, 页码: 103-114
Authors:  Wu,Joseph;  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Tao,Jun
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Should university students be engaged in romantic relationships? Book chapter
出自: Advances in Sociology Research, 2015, 页码: 83-96
Authors:  Wu,Joseph;  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Lai,Veronica
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Life satisfaction  Relationship satisfaction  Romantic relationship  University students  
Relations of self-concept clarity with impulsivity and hubris among Chinese university students Book chapter
出自: Handbook on The Psychology of Self-Esteem, 2014, 页码: 175-185
Authors:  Wu,Joseph;  Cheung,Hoi Yan
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Chinese university students  Hubris  Impulsivity  Self-concept clarity