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Novel diterpenoids from the twigs of Podocarpus nagi Journal article
Molecules, 2016,Volume: 21,Issue: 10
Authors:  Zheng Y.-D.;  Guan X.-C.;  Li D.;  Wang A.-Q.;  Ke C.-Q.;  Tang C.-P.;  Lin L.-G.;  Ye Y.;  Wang Z.-L.;  Yao S.
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Abietane-type Diterpenoid  Anti-inflammation  Cytotoxicity  Ent-pimarane-type Diterpenoid  Podocarpus Nagi  
Two new N-oxide alkaloids from Stemona cochinchinensis Journal article
Molecules, 2014,Volume: 19,Issue: 12,Page: 20257-20265
Authors:  Lin L.;  Bao H.;  Wang A.;  Tang C.;  Dien P.-H.;  Ye Y.
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N-oxide Alkaloids1h-and13c-nmr Anti-tussive Activity  Stemona Cochinchinensis  Stemonaceae  
Croomine- and tuberostemonine-type alkaloids from roots of Stemona tuberosa and their antitussive activity Journal article
Tetrahedron, 2008,Volume: 64,Issue: 44,Page: 10155-10161
Authors:  Lin L.-G.;  Pak-Ho Leung H.;  Zhu J.-Y.;  Tang C.-P.;  Ke C.-Q.;  Rudd J.A.;  Lin G.;  Ye Y.
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Stemona Tuberosa  Croomine-type Alkaloids  Tuberostemonine-type Alkaloids  Antitussive  Croomine  
Naturally occurring homoisoflavonoids function as potent protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors by c-Src-based high-throughput screening Journal article
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2008,Volume: 51,Issue: 15,Page: 4419-4429
Authors:  Lin L.-G.;  Xie H.;  Li H.-L.;  Tong L.-J.;  Tang C.-P.;  Ke C.-Q.;  Liu Q.-F.;  Lin L.-P.;  Geng M.-Y.;  Jiang H.;  Zhao W.-M.;  Ding J.;  Ye Y.
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Antitussive stemoninine alkaloids from the roots of Stemona tuberosa Journal article
Journal of Natural Products, 2008,Volume: 71,Issue: 6,Page: 1107-1110
Authors:  Lin L.-G.;  Li K.M.;  Tang C.-P.;  Ke C.-Q.;  Rudd J.A.;  Lin G.;  Ye Y.
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Terpenoids from the stems of Cipadessa baccifera Journal article
Journal of Natural Products, 2008,Volume: 71,Issue: 4,Page: 628-632
Authors:  Lin L.-G.;  Tang C.-P.;  Ke C.-Q.;  Zhang Y.;  Ye Y.
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Antibacterial stilbenoids from the roots of Stemona tuberosa Journal article
Phytochemistry, 2008,Volume: 69,Issue: 2,Page: 457-463
Authors:  Lin L.-G.;  Yang X.-Z.;  Tang C.-P.;  Ke C.-Q.;  Zhang J.-B.;  Ye Y.
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Antibacterial  Dihydrostilbenes  Phenanthraquinone  Stemanthraquinone  Stemona Tuberosa  Stemonaceae  Stilbostemins N-y  
Alkaloids from the roots of Stemona cochinchinensis Journal article
Helvetica Chimica Acta, 2007,Volume: 90,Issue: 11,Page: 2167-2175
Authors:  Lin L.-G.;  Dien P.-H.;  Tang C.-P.;  Ke C.-Q.;  Yang X.-Z.;  Ye Y.
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Nonalkaloid constituents from Stemona japonica Journal article
Helvetica Chimica Acta, 2007,Volume: 90,Issue: 2,Page: 318-325
Authors:  Yang X.-Z.;  Lin L.-G.;  Tang C.-P.;  Liu Y.-Q.;  Ye Y.
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Cochinchistemonine, a novel skeleton alkaloid from Stemona cochinchinensis Journal article
Tetrahedron Letters, 2007,Volume: 48,Issue: 9,Page: 1559-1561
Authors:  Lin L.-G.;  Tang C.-P.;  Dien P.-H.;  Xu R.-S.;  Ye Y.
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Cochinchistemonine  Cochinchistemonine-type Alkaloid  Stemona Cochinchinensis  Stemonaceae