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Applying speech-to-text recognition and computer-aided translation for supporting multi-lingual communications in cross-cultural learning project Conference paper
Authors:  Shadiev, Rustam;  Reynolds, Barry Lee;  Huang, Yueh-Min;  Shadiev, Narzikul;  Wang, Wei;  Laxmisha, Rai;  Wannapipat, Wanwisa;  Chang, M;  Chen, NS;  Huang, R;  Kinshuk;  Sampson, DG;  Vasiu, R
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Speech-to-text recognition  Computer-aided translation  Cross-cultural learning  Accuracy rate  
An Approach to Accent Visualisation for the Reduction of Vowel Pronunciation Errors Conference paper
Authors:  Anderson, Tom A. F.;  Reynolds, Barry Lee;  Powers, David M. W.;  Chen, W;  Yang, JC;  Ayub, AFM;  Wong, SL;  Mitrovic, A
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Pronunciation  phonemes  technology-enhanced language learning