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Development of Axial-Field Flux-Switching DC In-Wheel Motor Drive for Electric Vehicles Conference paper
The 20th International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Jeju, Korea, June 15-19, 2014
Authors:  Christopher H. T. Lee;  K. T. Chau;  C. C. Chan;  Chunhua Liu;  T. W. Ching
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In-wheel Motor Drive  Magnetless  Axial-field (Af)  3d Finite Element Method (3d-fem)  Electric Vehicles (Ev)  
High efficiency visible photocathode development Conference paper
IPAC 2011 - 2nd International Particle Accelerator Conference
Authors:  Smedley J.;  Mueller K.;  Rao T.;  Ben-Zvi I.;  Ruiz-Oses M.;  Liang X.;  Muller E.M.;  Lee S.;  Attenkofer K.;  Padmore H.;  Vecchione T.
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Object-oriented groups for distributed computation development Conference paper
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
Authors:  Jia Weijia;  Lee Chan H.;  O'Chow Paul K.;  Cao Jiannong
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