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Predictors for students’ self-efficacy in online collaborative groupwork Journal article
Educational Technology Research and Development, 2019,Volume: 67,Issue: 4,Page: 767-791
Authors:  Du,Jianxia;  Fan,Xitao;  Xu,Jianzhong;  Wang,Chuang;  Sun,Li;  Liu,Fangtong
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Leadership  On-line groupwork  Self-efficacy  Technology and media use  Trust relationship  Willingness to handle challenges  
A validation of the Social Skills domain of the Social Skills Improvement System-Rating Scales with Chinese preschoolers Journal article
Psychology in the Schools, 2019,Volume: 56,Issue: 1,Page: 126-147
Authors:  Wu,Zhongling;  Mak,Miranda Chi Kuan;  Hu,Bi Ying;  He,Jinbo;  Fan,Xitao
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Chinese preschoolers  social skills  SSIS-RS  validation  
Is There a Gender Difference in Cyber-Victimization? A Meta-Analysis Journal article
Authors:  Sun, Shaojing;  Fan, Xitao
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cyber-victimization  gender  cyberbully  meta-analysis  
The subjective well-being of academically gifted students in the Chinese cultural context Journal article
SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 2018,Volume: 39,Issue: 3,Page: 291-311
Authors:  Chen, Xinjie;  Fan, Xitao;  Cheung, Hoi Yan;  Wu, Joseph
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academically gifted  adolescents  broaden-and-build theory  China  satisfaction with life  
The associations between social skills and teacher-child relationships: A longitudinal study among Chinese preschool children Journal article
CHILDREN AND YOUTH SERVICES REVIEW, 2018,Volume: 88,Page: 582-590
Authors:  Wu, Zhongling;  Hu, Bi Ying;  Fan, Xitao;  Zhang, Xiao;  Zhang, Juan
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Teacher-child relationships  Social skills  Preschool children  China  
A study of the validity and reliability of the online homework emotion regulation scale Journal article
Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation, 2018,Volume: 115,Page: 243-248
Authors:  Xu,Jianzhong;  Fan,Xitao;  Du,Jianxia
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Cognitive reappraisal  Emotion management  Emotion regulation  Homework  Online assignment  
A study of the validity and reliability of the online homework emotion regulation scale Journal article
MEASUREMENT, 2018,Volume: 115,Page: 243-248
Authors:  Xu, Jianzhong;  Fan, Xitao;  Du, Jianxia
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Emotion regulation  Emotion management  Cognitive reappraisal  Online assignment  Homework  
Factors related to resilience of academically gifted students in the chinese cultural and educational environment Journal article
PSYCHOLOGY IN THE SCHOOLS, 2018,Volume: 55,Issue: 2,Page: 107-119
Authors:  Chen, Xinjie;  Cheung, Hoi Yan;  Fan, Xitao;  Wu, Joseph
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academically gifted  chinese  resilience  secondary school students  
Stress typicality effect in Chinese advanced and intermediate ESL learners Journal article
EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2018,Volume: 38,Issue: 5,Page: 617-632
Authors:  Zhang, Juan;  Meng, Yaxuan;  Fan, Xitao;  Ortega-Llebaria, Marta;  Ieong, Sao Leng
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Grammatical category  lexical stress  stress typicality effect  orthography  
Group trust, communication media, and interactivity: toward an integrated model of online collaborative learning Journal article
INTERACTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS, 2018,Volume: 26,Issue: 2,Page: 273-286
Authors:  Du, Jianxia;  Wang, Chuang;  Zhou, Mingming;  Xu, Jianzhong;  Fan, Xitao;  Lei, Saosan
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Online collaboration  group trust  communication media  interactivity  university student