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Design of flexible bulge testing system for evaluating the influence of size effect on thin metal sheets Conference paper
Materials Science Forum
作者:  Chen C.-Y.;  Cristino V.A.M.;  Hung C.H.
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Finite element method  Formability  Sheet forming  Size effect  Stainless steel  Stress-strain curve  
Towards square hole-flanging produced by single point incremental forming Conference paper
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part L: Journal of Materials: Design and Applications
作者:  Cristino V.A.M.;  Montanari L.;  Silva M.B.;  Martins P.A.F.
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deformation  formability  fracture  Single point incremental forming  square hole-flanging  
Tribology in metal cutting Book
作者:  Cristino V.A.M.;  Rosa P.A.R.C.;  Martins P.A.F.
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The utilisation of pin-on-disc simulative tests for the calibration of friction in mechanical processing of materials Journal article
International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering, 2010,Volume: 4,Issue: 1,Page: 13-26
作者:  Martins P.A.F.;  Cristino V.A.M.;  Rosa P.A.R.
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Friction coefficient  Mechanical processing  Pin-on-disc  Roughness  Surface texture