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Consumer decision support systems for novice buyers – a design science approach Journal article
Information Systems Frontiers, 2017,Volume: 19,Issue: 4,Page: 881-897
Authors:  Tang,Heng;  Lee,Chang Boon Patrick;  Choong,Kwee Keong
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Cognitive Fit Theory  Consumer Decision Support Systems  Design Science  Opinion Mining  
Research note: Price parity, channel conflict, and hotel rooms in Macao Journal article
TOURISM ECONOMICS, 2016,Volume: 22,Issue: 6,Page: 1431-1439
Authors:  Lee, Patrick Chang Boon;  Tang, Heng;  Fong, Sarah Wai San
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Channel Conflict  Price Parity  Hotel Rooms  
Online Help for Problem Gambling Among Chinese Youths Journal article
International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 2011,Volume: 9,Issue: 6,Page: 672-681
Authors:  Chang Boon Patrick Lee
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Online Help  Chinese Youths  Problem Gambling  
Including Subjective Norm and Technology Trust in the Technology Acceptance Model: A Case of E-Ticketing in China Journal article
The DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems, 2010,Volume: 41,Issue: 4,Page: 40-51
Authors:  Chang Boon Patrick Lee;  Guohua Wan
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Technology Acceptance  E-ticketing  Subjective Norm  Technology Trust