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The influence of career satisfaction and promotability on the career adaptatbility-turnover intention relations Journal article
Journal of Vocational Behavior, 2016,Volume: 92,Page: 167-175
Authors:  Chan, S.H.;  Mai, X.;  Kuok, O.M.;  Siew H.Kong
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Career Adaptability  Career Satisfaction  Career outcomesCareer  Construction Theory  Promotability  Turnover Intentions  
Loneliness, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment of migrant workers: Empirical evidence from China Journal article
International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2011,Volume: 22,Issue: 5,Page: 1109
Authors:  Chan S.H.;  Qiu H.H.
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China  Commitment  Job satisfaction  Loneliness  Migrant workers  Turnover intention  
The influence of leadership expertise and experience on organizational performance: A study of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia Journal article
Asia Pacific Business Review, 2010,Volume: 16,Issue: 2018-01-02,Page: 59
Authors:  Chan S.H.
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Expertise  Leadership  Malaysia  Microfinance  Performance  Sustainability  
Recruitment and Selection in the Eastern Monte Carlo: Empirical Evidence from Macau SAR Conference paper
Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Australian and new Zealand Academy of Management Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2009
Authors:  Kuok , O.M.;  Chan , S.H.
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Selection Methods  Assessment  Communication Skills  Resume, Interviews  
Organizational identification and commitment of members of a human development organization Journal article
Journal of Management Development, 2006,Volume: 25,Issue: 3,Page: 249
Authors:  Chan S.H.
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Communication  Control systems  Human resource development  Job satisfaction