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An Introduction to Applied Matrix Analysis Book
Singapore:World Scientific Publishing Company, 2016
Authors:  Xiao Qing Jin;  Seak-Weng Vong
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数值线性代数及其应用 Book
北京:科学出版社, 1st Edition, 2014
Authors:  Xiao-qing Jin;  Yi-min wei
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Developments and Applications of Block Toeplitz Iterative Solvers Book
Springer Netherlands:Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2011
Authors:  Xiao-Qing Jin
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Recent Advances in Scientific Computing and Matrix Analysis Book
USA and Beijing, China.:International Press of Boston, Incorporated;Higher Education Press, 2011
Authors:  Xiao-Qing Jin;  Hai-Wei Sun;  Seak-Weng Vong
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Recent Advances in Computational Mathematics Book
Somerville, Massachuestts; Beijing:International Press; Higher Education Press, 2008
Authors:  Deng Ding;  Xiao-Qing Jin;  Hua-Wei Sun
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An Introduction to Iterative Toeplitz Solvers Book
3600 UNIV CITY SCIENCE CENTER, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19104-2688 USA:SIAM- Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2007
Authors:  Raymond Hon-Fu Chan;  Xiao-Qing Jin
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Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing Book
Berlin, Germany:Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. KG, 2006
Authors:  Edwin Sha;  Sung-Kook Han;  Cheng-Zhong Xu;  Moon Hae Kim;  Laurence T. Yang;  Bin Xiao
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