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Child and adolescent psychiatry in the Far East: A 5-year follow up on the Consortium on Academic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the Far East (CACAP-FE) study Journal article
Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 2019,Volume: 73,Issue: 2,Page: 84-89
Authors:  Hirota,Tomoya;  Guerrero,Anthony;  Sartorius,Norman;  Fung,Daniel;  Leventhal,Bennett;  Ong,Say H.;  Kaneko,Hitoshi;  Apinuntavech,Suporn;  Bennett,Abang;  Bhoomikumar,Jegannathan;  Cheon,Keun Ah;  Davaasuren,Oyunsuren;  Gau,Susan;  Hall,Brian;  Koren,Evgeny;  van Nguyen,Tuan;  Oo,Tin;  Tan,Susan;  Tateno,Masaru;  Thikeo,Manivone;  Wiguna,Tjhin;  Wong,Mark;  Zheng,Yi;  Skokauskas,Norbert
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Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services  Child And Adolescent Psychiatry  Far East  Postgraduate Training